before a 1rst rendez-vous

Who can benefit from this therapy?

This therapy is for anyone who would like to find some emotional and/or physical equilibrium.

No matter your age, this therapy will help deepen your self-awareness, regenerate your body and improve your intimate and social interactions.

Do we need to wear dance clothes (tutu skirt, ballet shoes, etc.) ?

No, you do not need to wear anything special, just comfortable clothes.

Do we need to know how to dance?

No prior experience in dance is necessary.

It is not a dance session in the technical sense, rather a practice of the movement as a form of emotional expression and communication.

The therapist will adapt to the level and needs of each client.

Do we move and dance at the first session?

Movements can be introduced at any time during therapy according to the client’s wishes.

It is possible to work on the body while sitting, playing ball, speaking, writing etc…

The studio is well equipped, so if a client prefers another therapeutic art such as visual, plastic or music this can be used instead.

Is there any physical contacts?

No physical contact is used in this method.

This method is more related to psychotherapy (or psychology), than physical treatments like massage, shiatsu or Pilates.

As a therapist I focus on interpreting the words, movements and emotional expressions.