Methodology and Benefits

Dance & Art Therapy

Dance has been a fundamental channel of personal expression since the dawn of humanity.

Dance Movement Therapy uses dance as a therapeutic art, in which the body reflects life stories and hidden souvenirs.

Through dance and movement, these memories re-emerge and can be explored.

For dancers and art therapists seeking to develop their kinesthetic sense and wish to better understand the role of the unconscious in movement, this method presents unparalleled possibilities.

Danse thérapie : Méthode de consultation danse & mouvement Lausanne

Objectives of Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy establishes a connection between two realms: a symbolic one of fantasy, imagination and associations; and the language, intellect and action practical realm.

The therapeutic role of each realm depends on the capacities and demands of each patient.

In this approach, the body is considered as a physical and psycho-emotional space.

Movement is a dialogue, a language in itself.

The objective of the therapy is to establish and improve the relation between the body and the psyche, which leads to a better expression and self-understanding.

Art thérapeute à Lausanne - Séance psychologue et art therapie par la danse et le mouvement à Lausanne en Suisse

Tools and Approach

This therapeutic approach helps people express themselves.

This may be achieved through the use of various techniques:

  • Authentic movements to replace stylized or rigid movements
  • Active imagination (in movement) to free unconscious emotions to their full expression
  • Improvisation to foster creativity and connection to sensory impulses
  • Concentration mind and body exercises to build a genuine dialogue
  • Somatic approaches which reveals the psychological component of physical pain
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises to learn how to focus on what is possible rather than what is limiting
  • Combining words and dance to enhance the consciousness and sensitivity in a unique way of expression
Danse thérapie : Méthode de consultation danse & mouvement Lausanne

Therapeutic results obtained

through Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy opens up new dialogues between body and mind.

  • People become more aware to the messages transmitted by the body, whether their own or that of others
  • Creativity and corporal expression is nurtured
  • Verbal, emotional and gestural communication is integrated
  • Strength and flexibility is developed
  • People get conscious of how they relate to themselves and the world        

This form of therapy is also effective in treating eating disorders, recoveries after a disease or an accident, chronic pain, distorted self-image, lack of confidence, and sexual orientation concerns.

Danse thérapie : Méthode de consultation danse & mouvement Lausanne

Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy benefits self-esteem.

Art Therapy through Dance and Movement enables:

  • Better understanding of the messages sent by our body
  • Wider range of expression, both verbal and physical
  • Deeper emotional expression
  • Enhanced consciousness and self-awareness