Haguit Ehrenfreund, Doctor of Psychopathology, Art Therapist specialized in Dance Movement Therapy

Dance & Art therapy

dance movement

Dance has been a fundamental method of personal expression since the dawn of humanity.

Dance Movement Therapy uses dance as a therapeutic art, in which the body reflects life stories and hidden souvenirs.

Through dance and movement, these memories re-emerge and can be explored. More info on Dance and Art Therapy

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by Dr Haguit Ehrenfreund

Dance Movement Therapy training applies to professionals of various disciplines (coaching, psychology, corporal psychotherapy, art therapy, etc).

No previous experience in dance is required.

These modules are suitable for beginners as well as experienced professionals, who would like to acquire some Art and Dance Movement Therapy techniques.

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Individual Therapy

& Personalized support

The Dance Movement Therapy is a multi-sensory approach based on the understanding that movement is an individual authentic expression.

The Dance Movement Therapy considers the human being as a whole for whom action, perception, emotion and cognition contribute to the experience of self.

Dr Ehrenfreund uses various artistic means such as dance and movement, drawing and painting to facilitate the expression of the client’s inner world.


teens & preteens




teens & pre teens



Dr. Haguit Erenfreund

Dance Movement Therapist

Established in Lausanne since 2013, Haguit Ehrenfreund started her career as a dancer and teacher in Jerusalem.

In spite of her dedication to performing, her interest for therapy became more and more significant.

Many of her students did not attend classes to become professional dancers, but to learn how to express themselves emotionally through movement.

Graduating from different schools in Psychoanalysis, Social Sciences and Dance Therapy, she considers the approach to movement as a means of personal expression.

The non-judgemental approach towards the individual’s choice of movements constitutes the cornerstone of her clinical work.

However the spoken words remain of the utmost importance in the therapeutic practice, encouraging people to tell in words their physical, emotional and mental life stories

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The Dance Movement Therapy Studio

This secure environment invites you to explore and observe emotions, while awakening your body awareness to the relationship between inner feelings and their outer expression.

This environment provides a safe space for you to explore and observe your emotions, making your body more aware of your feelings and their outer expression.

This caring environment will guide you to a higher understanding of yourself which eventually leads to a balanced life and peaceful mind.

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